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At Sertis, we stand at the forefront of technological innovation, harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI and data solutions to drive unparalleled business value for enterprises. Our AI and data centric solutions empower businesses, fostering adaptability in the face of change and transforming potential challenges into lucrative opportunities.

Our focus extends across Retail and FMCG industries as well as Energy, Security, and Asset Management. In the future, our expertise will expand to include Financial Services and Telco. We offer comprehensive AI and data science, data infrastructure, data visualization, and software engineering products and services that empower our clients to navigate the complex landscape of the modern business world.

Overview of the job

Benefits & Perks


Hybrid Work

Good work can be done from anywhere. 

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Vacation and Personal Leave

We encourage all our teams to take time off, recharge and refocus.


Referral Bonus

Good people know good people! 


Provident Fund

It's important to think about the future. 

We are seeking a passionate and skilled Mid-Level Data Scientist to enhance our team's capabilities in designing and implementing AI solutions. This role involves active participation in solution design, model implementation and testing as well as making sure to keep up to date with the latest cutting edge AI technologies. Collaborate with a diverse team to design and implement AI models that address complex business challenges.

In this role, you will get to:

  • Contribute to a range of projects including time series forecasting for retail, facial recognition, recommender systems, custom large language models, etc

  • Engage in rigorous testing and validation of AI models to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

  • Potentially participate in research initiatives and contribute to the publication of scientific papers

  • Utilize a variety of cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) for the development and deployment of solutions.

  • Ensure continuous improvement and upkeep of models by leveraging the latest in AI research and methodologies.

You’ll be successful if you have:

  • Proven experience in Python and familiarity with libraries such as PyTorch, scikit-learn, Pandas, and TensorFlow.

  • Experience with Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

  • Strong understanding of AI and data science, both theory and practice

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field.

It’s a plus if you have:

  • Strong background in developing solutions on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is a plus

  • Previous involvement in AI research and publication is a plus.

What are some benefits working at Sertis?

  • The opportunity to work with a dynamic team that is at the forefront of AI technology.

  • An hybrid work environment with 3 days or remote work per week

  • A culture that is collaborative, innovative, and supportive.

  • Competitive salary and benefits package.

  • Professional development opportunities and career advancement.

We are excited to see how you can contribute to our team's success and help shape the future of AI!

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“ Where you create structures
in an unstructured world ”

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Data Scientist

Data | Full-time

5 steps for

*Steps will vary depending on department
*Most if not all interviews may be conducted virtually

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