Developers at Sertis handle software development of our internal and client platforms, ensuring high quality, stable solutions that are easily deployable and user-friendly.

You'll be responsible for creating elegant user interfaces and tasked with handling the overall look and design of our products while ensuring that they are data-driven and optimised to offer the best user experience possible.

at Sertis Bangkok

  • Able to Create research plans to communicate objectives, questions, and research methodologies.

  • Able to perform user research via techniques such as user interviews, contextual observations, card sorts, surveys, participatory workshops, etc.

  • Synthesize observations and findings to be shared in the form of reports, personas, scenarios, User Modelling; Flow model, Culture model, Sequence model, journey maps, artifact model/ Physical model and service blueprints.

  • Designing and prototyping awesome UI/UX for our solutions

  • Tailoring user experience through the use of data

  • Working closely with the development team to develop your prototypes into production code

Our UX designer (you) will be:

What you will need:

  • Degree in Human-Centered Interaction, visual communication design, research methods, web design, service design or related field

  • Portfolio of creative including UX-focused work samples of research document, platform design, web design and mobile applications.

  • Understand UX Design processes and life cycle - Proficient and experienced in UX research ( User research, Market competitor analysis, etc.)

  • Work collaboratively with other team and clients - Communicate to other team member clearly and understand the expectation of assigning tasks and delivery as expected 

  • Give good estimates for tasks.

  • A "CAN DO" attitude and friendly disposition!

  • Tools such as Zeplin, Invision, and Origami are a plus! 

What you are like:

  • Very open minded (accept criticisms and eager to ask for comments/suggestions)

  • Passionate for anything and everything data

  • Able to share and suggest ideas

  • Do tons of research, creativity is a plus here!

  • Have a can do and will do attitude!

  • Ready to tackle any challenge

  • Able to go shoe-less (we are a shoe-free environment)

  • Nice and outgoing; we have some pretty cool social events at work!

  • Can play guitar is a plus!