We aim to improve the World by using data and AI.


The Decision Intelligence (DI) Team at Sertis is passionate about providing and creating advanced insights and solutions to some of the biggest clients in Asia using innovative visualisation, reporting and statistical analysis.

As a ETL Developer, you will be responsible for improving data and BI processes to meet firm SLAs and increase efficiency. You will work closely with analysts, engineers and project managers to ensure the successful delivery of business intelligence information to meet the needs of our clients

at Sertis Bangkok

  • Assist in developing data control structures to ensure the accuracy and quality of data through all upstream and downstream data channels.

  • Assist in developing best practices in BI development procedure to ensure the successful delivery of solution.

  • Working with project managers and teams to understand data requirements and identify appropriate data sources, define and build required data transformation logic.

  • Support implemented BI solutions by: monitoring and tuning queries, monitoring performance and communicating functional and technical issues.

  • Assist in developing new technology capabilities and standards to answer new business requirement

  • Stay up-to-date with the newest trends and technologies and sh are expertise with the team (code reviews, demos, etc.)

Our ETL Developer are exceptional at:

What you will need:

  • Strong programming skills (i.e. Linux CLI, Python)

  • An understanding of common database systems and techniques (SQL, Document store, etc.)

  • Interest in big data, and related technologies (Hadoop & Hive, BigQuery, etc.)

  • Passion for big data, software engineering, and systems

  • General understanding of Business data

  • General understanding of data and data flows

It's a plus if you have:

  • Strong programming skills related to ETL, OOP, or workflow automation

  • An understanding of common BI development process, software development process or project management.

  • Experience with open source big data tools

  • Experience translating business requirements to technical teams.

What you are like:

  • Very open minded

  • Passionate for anything and everything data

  • Able to share and suggest ideas 

  • Do tons of learning, creativity is a plus here!

  • Have a can do and will do attitude!

  • Ready to tackle any challenge 

  • Able to go shoe-less (we are a shoe-free environment)

  • Nice and outgoing; we have some pretty cool social events work!

  • Can play guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo.. any instrument is a plus!