The Data Innovation team at Sertis work on some of the most interesting problems in a variety of different domains, working on both internal products and providing world-class consulting to clients.

You will join our team of Researchers and Data Scientists from around the world in doing research and tackling real-world problems for our clients, and for our Data Innovation Lab.

at Sertis Bangkok

  • Implementing large, data-driven models, through the analysis of complex data

  • Conceiving proof-of-concept prototypes that establish overall system performance

  • Contributing to digital strategy through the use of advanced analytics and data-mining;

  • using cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology in new ways of evaluating data;

  • Improving machine learning software and solutions

  • Creating experiments, data mining, prototyping implementations and designing new learning algorithms

Responsibilities Include:

What You Will Need:

  • Passion for Data Science, Machine Learning in a research or consulting basis

  • Knowledge of SQL database maintenance and Python, Scala or Java

  • Either strong industry skills or a strong research background

  • Good communication and presentation skills in English or Thai

  • A "CAN DO" attitude and friendly disposition

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