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at Sertis Bangkok

The Data Innovation team at Sertis work on some of the most interesting problems in a variety of different domains, working on products and providing world-class consulting to clients.

You will be responsible for the research and development of cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms, playing with state of the art deep learning models deployed on a GPU cluster.

  • Evaluating, develop, and applying advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze large-scale data

  • Conceiving proof-of-concept prototypes that establish overall system performance

  • Researching theoretical investigations, publications, journals and conferences relating to Deep Learning

  • Staying current with latest research and technology trends to create new ideas within the research teams

  • Improving deep learning software and solutions

  • Creating experiments, data mining, prototyping implementations and designing new learning algorithms

Responsibilities Include:


  • Masters or PhD in machine learning, deep learning, or equivalent field, an excellent publication record is a plus

  • Experience dealing with unstructured data, building supervised or unsupervised learning models

  • Strong analytical skills, and the ability to build analytic models, and develop algorithms from scratch

  • Good communication and presentation skills in English or Thai

  • Experience in big data platforms (e.g. Spark, AWS, Google Cloud ) or machine learning tools (e.g. scikit-learn, tensorflow) 

  • A "CAN DO" attitude and friendly disposition!