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Building Team Bonds with Monthly Team Activities

At Sertis, we prioritize our people and recognize the importance of team bonding. The benefits of this bonding extend to various aspects, such as improving team communication, increasing productivity, enhancing mental and physical health, boosting creativity in their works, and much more. We believe that our valued and skillful Sertizens will lead us to company success, even when faced with challenges in any situation.

Therefore, Sertis provides a monthly budget for team activities to encourage team members to spend time together outside of working hours in the office. They can use this budget for any activities they prefer, such as taking a painting or toy-making workshop, playing sports, singing karaoke, traveling, or dining together (the most popular option), allowing them to try new restaurants of various cuisines. We’ve heard that some of our Sertizens even enjoy going to vegetarian restaurants together, even though they are not vegetarians!

Sertis will continue to support the Team activity budget for our ‘Sertizens,’ enabling them to create and enjoy precious time together every month. We believe that each activity will contribute to the collection of memorable moments and smiles. Eventually, this will lead to a stronger team that can work together through any challenges.

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