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Embracing Lifelong Learning at Sertis

We believe that learning should be a lifelong journey, and to empower our Sertizens in their pursuit of knowledge, we provide learning support accessible to all. Whether Sertizens are eager to upskill in their field or keen to explore new areas of interest, our Learning Support benefit is designed to nurture their personal and professional growth. With an array of resources and opportunities, everyone has the freedom to embark on any learning endeavor they desire.

At Sertis, our commitment to learning goes beyond just acquiring new knowledge, it's about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We celebrate curiosity and encourage Sertizens to explore their passions fearlessly. We are proud to have Sertizen representatives share their experiences with learning support and how it has enriched their lives both inside and outside the workplace.

Bank (Engineering)

“As time passed by, I feel like I need to shift my focus more on my personal health. As I'm not an expert in gym exercising, I decided to have my own expert trainer to assist and guide me on how to workout properly. I've chosen to make use of Sertis Learning Support on a monthly basis to help ease the cost of the training course and manage my expenses while focusing on my health journey.”


Betsey (Consulting and Delivery)

“I'm always interested in learning new things. Having the Learning Support from Sertis allows me to explore new activities every month. I'm currently into Pilates, which is an effective form of exercise in relieving back pain from Office Syndrome - my back pain has significantly reduced now”


Woon (Data Analytics)

“I used to join in-person Japanese classes, but currently I'm taking an online course due to other courses I'm occupied with. My affinity for the Japanese language dates back to my youth, and the allure of mastering more than two languages is simply irresistible. Admittedly, I'm the kind of person that is afraid of failure so I was afraid to start on something new. However, Sertis’s Learning Support changed the game for me when I found out about it when I joined the company. At that time, I realized that even failure wouldn't break the bank so I started taking Japanese class and now it has been over a year of progress since then. To be honest, this benefit encouraged me to take on this challenge.


Pae (Engineering)

“Investing in yourself is the most valuable asset we can do. Sertis really emphasizes on helping all Sertizens to achieve their full potential. Whether investment courses or personal trainer, the Learning Support from Sertis really helps me to learn and keep expanding my knowledge in my life.


Eud (PR & Communications)

“I use the Learning Support benefit to enroll in courses aimed at mastering my After Effect and Blender 3D techniques. Even though I regularly use them for my work, these programs constantly undergo plugin updates and introduce new blending effects techniques. Therefore, there's a continuous learning process to ensure that my motion graphics and video production works for the company maintain an international quality. Additionally, this learning journey contributes to my personal skill development as well.”


Aek (Data Analytics)

“I mostly use the Learning Support for taking online courses to enhance my knowledge and improve my work performance, which I mainly focus on the data courses, including Data Analysis, Dashboards, Frameworks, and Statistics. What impresses me about this company's support is its flexibility in learning. It can be used for learning in various subjects and it effectively covers the costs of online courses each month which allows me to choose courses that match my needs and it's applicable to learning a wide range of topics.”


Tarn (PR & Communications)

“The Learning Support allows me to explore a wide range of courses and opportunities. Although I’m currently a member of the PR & Corporate Communications team, I work in an AI and data solutions provider company. Therefore, expanding my knowledge in these technologies is crucial. I utilize learning support to enroll in online courses that cover topics such as basic AI, coding, and even content writing, which helps me refine the skills necessary for my main tasks. The Learning Support from Sertis simplifies the decisions to enroll in courses, thereby increasing the chances of acquiring new knowledge, upskilling, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.”


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