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Get to Know Ankush, our AI Researcher, and his Journey from Edinburgh to Sertis

Hi! My name is Ankush, (Kush is the name I use to make fast friends!). I’ve been working at Sertis for a little over 5 years now as a researcher in the AI team.

Tell us about your journey from Edinburgh to Sertis.

Before joining Sertis, I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I was pursuing my masters in AI. Post-graduation, I was eager to dive into solving AI problems through hands-on research. After spending months on my relentless quest for the perfect opportunity, I stumbled upon a job posting from Sertis on my university’s website. A few calls later from the TA team, I was on a flight to Bangkok for my on-site interview. As soon as I met the AI team, I was captivated by their brilliance and camaraderie, who embraced me with open arms. My heart was set. My journey from the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh to the bustling streets of Bangkok, was surreal as I never thought of working and living in Thailand ... and yet, I saw my life unfold right in front of my eyes. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to be a part of a company culture that welcomes intellectual input as well as prioritizes personal development.

What does life at Sertis look like?

As a member of the AI team, a typical day comes with lots of opportunities to learn from one another, as we encourage sharing and discussion of ideas in the team. We are a tight-knit team and look forward to seeing and catching-up with each other every week. Our team activities mostly involve going for dinner and all of us enjoy talking about AI research and pop-culture. What I like most about my team and Sertis, in general, is that there is a sense of community - everyone supports each other, allowing us to pursue ideas and spark discussions on topics that we are passionate about.

How is your life in Bangkok as a Bangkokian?

Moving to Thailand from Edinburgh, where the sun would show up every couple of weeks, I was pleasantly shocked to not experience a freezing winter in Thailand. Now that I am fully acclimatized to the Thai weather, I wholeheartedly stay indoors most of the time. But when I do bless the world with my gracious presence, I usually hang out at Training Ground or the Movement Playground (both located at Sukhumvit 69). Aside from that, I try to spend my evenings on weekends in the Sansiri Backyard, located in the T77 community in On Nut.

Any hobbies after work?

Outside of work, my hobbies include sketching, reading comic books, training for mobility and strength, and as a full-time cat dad now, my world mostly revolves around my cats!


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