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Sertis Hosts the Company Trip 2018, Inviting Sertis Team Members to Visit Japan

Khun Tee Vachiramon, CEO and Founder of Sertis Co., Ltd. along with management and team members, visited Japan for a period of 4 days and 3 nights as part of the Company Trip 2018. This trip was packed with fun-filled moments, including experiences such as wearing Yukata - a traditional Japanese dress, visiting tourist spots, exploring Tokyo Joypolis - the biggest indoor amusement park in Japan, and touring Tokyo Disney Sea. It was an unforgettable and enjoyable trip for everyone, helping them recharge and boost their spirits before beginning to work efficiently in the upcoming year.

The annual company trip is one of the benefits we value highly and strive to continue every year , aimed at thanking the Sertizens who have committed and contributed to the development of our new solutions, which will be delivered to our clients. Our success as a company would not be possible without everyone’s contribution.


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