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Thursday Treat - A weekly Complimentary for Sertizens!

At Sertis, we believe in creating a vibrant and enjoyable work environment for our team members - Sertizens. That's why we're offering a weekly afternoon snack break on Thursday, generously sponsored by our CEO, we called it Thursday Treat!

Thursday Treat is a complimentary offered to bring a burst of joy to Sertizens’ work week for our hard work and dedication. Every Thursday, Sertizens are treated with different kind of mouth-watering pastries and tempting snacks with one of the unique flavorful slushy drinks exclusively created by the CEO, to make sure everyone is refreshed in the afternoon. Our ritual Thursday Treat is definitely an extra dose of delight to everyone’s week. It's an opportunity to take a well-deserved break, connect with each other, and indulge in a delightful moment of relaxation.

This weekly occasion not only offers a sweet escape from our daily routines but also serves as a reminder of the vibrant and supportive work culture we have built over the years. Thank you for being a valued member of our team, and we can't wait to see more smiles and excitement that Thursday Treat brings to our workplace. Happy Sertizens, happy workplace!


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