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Virtual Career Talk 2022

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Learn about what make you sought after in the Data career as a senior professional. And how Sertis can fulfill your career aspirations in the Data world.

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What is Sertis Virtual Career Talk?

Our Sertis Virtual Career Talk 2022 aims to connect our Sertizens with experienced professionals interested in getting to know about Sertis’ career in the Data world. The registered participants can get to know more about our company, industry, the skills in need for senior talents, how we work , and brief process of our selection. You are free to leave questions for the speakers!

Suggested Qualification

of Audience:

This virtual event is open for everyone interested in the career of the AI/Data industry. However, it is best suggested that the participants should already have certain years of direct experience in any of these fields in order to grasp the content to the fullest; Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, Software Engineering,

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Date and Time:

November 2, 2022 (6:30PM - 8:30PM)

What to expect?

  • Knowing Sertis as a company and its business in Data Consultancy

  • Sertis’ highlighted projects

  • Career path as a senior and professional development with us

  • Our working culture

  • Recruitment process

  • Q&A with the speakers

The teams you will meet

  • Data Analytics : Business Intelligence and Business Insight

  • Data Science

  • Engineering : Data Engineering, DevOps, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineering, UX/UI, QA




Now until 28 October


Get Access Link

Monday, 31 October


Virtual Event

Wednesday, 2 November

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