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Benefits & Perks

Working with Sertis, you know everything is taken care of. We believe that work should work for you.
We provide support for you outside of work with our benefits and perks, starting from health and wellness,
personal and professional, and financial support, to extra perks to enjoy.  

Healthy Sertizens

Health and wellness

Hybrid Work

Good work can be done from anywhere. You know where and how you work best remote, onsite, or hybrid. Your talent is welcome whether or not there’s a physical office nearby.


Flexible Working Hours

Whether you are an early bird or late riser we have flexible working schedules, meaning you can have your day the way that works best for you.


15 Days Vacation and
5 Days Personal Leave

Even in the best of relationships time apart is important. We encourage all our teams to take time off, recharge and refocus.

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Annual Health Check and Insurance

Keeping Sertizens healthy in all areas of life is a priority. This means employees have access to medical, dental, and vision insurance. In addition to great healthcare coverage. We also provide a yearly Health check-up.


Lifelong-learning Sertizens

Personal and Professional Growth

Career Growth

We are a company with a steep but rewarding learning curve. You are allowed ownership of your projects as well as access to mentorship and coaching to ensure you continuously improve and are challenged to grow.


Financially-secured Sertizens

Financial Wellbeing

Provident Fund

It's important to think about the future. We match your provident fund contribution.


Annual Bonus

Yearly bonus based on individual and company performance.


Referral Bonus

Good people know good people! Refer talented people in your network and get paid big bucks for it!


Happy Sertizens


Company Trip and Company Parties

Our company trips and parties are special times for the company to come together and celebrate our achievements. FYI we are pretty known for our company parties.


Team Activities

When you work with amazing people, it’s not hard to have a good time,teams are provided monthly budgets to do team activities and bond.


Free Snack, Drink and Birthday Gift

We got you covered for that afternoon slump with a variety of snacks and drinks.

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Just 2 minutes away from

BTS Phrom phong
and Emquartier, right in
the heart of

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You have got everything taken care of

Ready to begin
your journey with us?

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