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#Life at Sertis

We work
We bond
and we

Here at Sertis, we work, bond, and play. We provide a safe place for everyone to grow in their career while still having a relaxing time. We cherish work-life balance and well-being because we believe having fun is the best way to grow, and we know that only healthy and happy Sertizens can bring out their best.

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Working with people from many different countries, cultures, and ages. With diversity, you can go beyond boundaries.



Our Core Values

The value set that we hold true to our hearts is COCO. It is something to do with the professionalism of Sertizens, or the way of working for everyone to work towards goals in order to achieve the best for ourselves and for the clients.


The characteristics of being valuable Sertizens is based on HOMERUN.
It truly embodies the personality traits of all Sertizens, which makes Sertis as great as it is.

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Work where you can be your happiest self
Work with Sertis




At Sertis you’ll not only be able to nurture your career and make a difference but also be able to interact with awesome, talented individuals making lifelong friendships and connections along the way.

Ankush - AI Researcher


I like the culture of always asking, and speaking up. I always love the phrase “no idea is stupid idea” and ” no question is stupid question”.

Priow - Machine Learning Engineer



We share pain points, experiences, and knowledge together. We believe that sharing all of these things will make us stronger with a more positive mindset.

James - Software Engineer

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