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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about all aspects of Sertis including company culture, working policy, interview process and many more. Get your questions answered below.

About Sertis

What does "Sertis" mean?

Sertis is derived from the Latin language, “to be connected”.

What industries does Sertis work in?

We work in a variety of industries; retail, banking, agriculture, energy, digital space and we also work with the government sector.

How many offices and locations?

All three offices are located in the heart of Bangkok including Emporium Tower, Sukhumvit 35 and Sukhumvit 39, a couple of steps from the Phrom Phong BTS station, the Emporium and the Emquartier Department store.

Interview process

How do I apply for a job at Sertis?

There are several effective ways you can apply for a job at Sertis.
(choose one of the following)


  1. Apply your preferred job position through Open Positions at Sertis Careers website.

  2. Apply your preferred job position through Sertis LinkedIn that will be directed to our job system.

  3. Send your resume/CV and cover letter to

  4. Do you know someone who works at Sertis? Get in touch with them to help you get through to one of our recruiters to talk to.

How many stages in an interview process?

Typically we have 3 to 4 stages - this includes a call with our TA team, interview with the team, assessment and a culture add interview.


What are the channels to stay up to date on career opportunities at Sertis?

To stay updated on the latest career opportunities, you can go to “Open Positions” tab at Sertis Careers website. We also feature monthly open positions in Sertis Facebook page and Sertis LinkedIn.

Do you do internal movement in case I am more interested in another position?

Absolutely! Just as long as you have the requirements for the position you are more interested in, we actively support Sertizens moving into another area for their career move.


Do interns get paid of an internship at Sertis?

Sertis offers paid internships and great culture for interns!

How much time in advance should interns apply for their internships?

It’s good to apply for internships early, 3-6 months prior to your expected internship start date is a good time to apply.

What documents are required to apply for an internship?

The documents required to apply for an internship are; Internship letter of recommendation from faculty, resume, cover letter. Additionally, a portfolio of successful projects can be attached as well but not required. For more information on internship opportunities you can check out our interns tab on our career website.

Work environment

What does the culture look like at Sertis?

Sertis culture is very unique! We are a mix of young and vibrant citizens. We embody our core values of HOMERUN, Helpful, Open, Modest, Ethical, Resourceful, Understanding and New learning and we embrace COCO, Customer Centric, Output Driven, Collaboration and Ownership as the way of working that we hold true to our hearts. Secondly, we are just a group of nice people who happen to be smart with spirit and skill!

What is your WFH policy?

Depending on the job function and team dynamics, our WFH policy allows Sertizens to work from home unless noted: there is a meeting best done in person, a site meeting with clients or company event, occasionally.

What is the main language used at Sertis? Do you have to be fluent in English to work at Sertis?

Sertis is a multicultural company and we work with many partners and clients both in Thailand and abroad, as such; English is our working language. However, with our Headquarters in Bangkok, Thai is also used as a secondary language.

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