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Career Evolution from Manchester to Bangkok

At Sertis, we attract a diverse mix of talents from all over the world, so our culture serves as a powerful reflection of this. We are a group of exceptionally talented people who excel through innovation, creativity and forward thinking.

In this month’s Career Blogs, we have the privilege of delving into the fascinating journey of Rummell Virgo, our Talent Acquisition Director. His story unfolds from the UK, where he worked as a recruitment consultant. Join us as he shares his unique expat experience, from initially signing Sertis as a client to flying to Bangkok for an interview and job opportunity.

  • Tell us about your journey from your hometown to Sertis.

Before joining Sertis, I worked as a recruitment consultant in Manchester, UK, trying to find top AI & Data talent for companies across the globe. While looking at AI companies, I came across Sertis and decided to approach them to see if they needed an external hiring partner. I reached out to the CEO, P’Tee, and ended up signing Sertis on a client and worked over the next two years helping to bring great people to Sertis. Eventually, I was looking for new opportunities and P’Tee offered to fly me to Bangkok and interview with the team. Once I arrived in Bangkok I fell in love with the city and the people at Sertis. I received and signed an offer on the spot, moved 6 weeks later and have been in Thailand ever since. 

My time at Sertis started as a Senior Recruiter, before transitioning into a Talent Acquisition Lead role. Eventually, I took on more responsibility and led the whole People Operations team. I am now a Talent Acquisition Director and Acting Director for People Operations.

  • What inspired you to join Sertis, and what excites you most about your work?

The main thing that inspired me to join Sertis was how happy the employees I placed within Sertis were, and also the vision the CEO set out for the company - A place where smart and good people can come together, build, learn and grow together. What excites me the most? Probably the growth opportunities I’ve had, the ability to have such a large impact on the company overall, and making changes that support our employees and the Sertis mission.

  • What does your life at Sertis look like?

Life at Sertis is pretty great. I get lots of opportunities to engage with individuals from various teams, to learn more about the interesting projects and technologies we’re working on. At least once a month we have a team event, where we get together and usually either eat some good food, or do some fun activity. Everyone is super supportive and I’ve actually met some of my closest friends working here.

  • What does a typical day in your role look like in the People Operations team?

A typical day in my role is dynamic, the core focus involves working with the members of the team to improve Sertis from a People Operations perspective. We do regular analysis to try and stay ahead of the curve and recognise any issues before they arise, work with Managers and Executives to develop strategies for hiring, retention and everything in between and finally, we work on various routine tasks and anything ad-hoc that comes up. People Operations is quite a mixed bag, which means each day is something different and never boring

  • What are your goals moving forward from this point?

I have two main goals. First is to continue supporting the growth of Sertis and its employees (Sertizens). I’ve been very lucky to join a place that has allowed me to explore so many new areas and develop my career in new areas and want to ensure everyone gets to experience the great things I’ve had throughout my time here. Secondly, I aim to further strengthen our existing comprehensive and data-driven approach to propel the People Operations function into a position of global prominence.

  • Can you share some of your favorite hobbies or activities outside of work?

Outside of work I mainly play video games, go out with friends and work out. I’ve recently taken up Muay Thai and I’m really getting into it. Apart from that, I’ve recently got engaged so I'm spending time planning my wedding and I’m also the dog-daddy of two daughters, Jasmine and Penny.


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