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Gear up for another year with Sertis New Year Meeting 2024!

The New Year festival might have ended elsewhere, but not at Sertis! Let's check out some snapshots from our New Year Meeting 2024!

On February 2nd, we hosted our New Year Meeting of 2024, marking the first Sertizens' gathering of the year! We were exceptionally thrilled to reunite. Tee, our CEO, seized this opportunity to communicate crucial updates and goals for 2024. Our managers also took the stage to showcase their teams' accomplishments, inspiring all Sertizens to gear up for a more productive year ahead.

Then, it was time for a blast! We hosted the party at the Sertis Sukhumvit Soi 35 office, our familiar place that brought back warm memories from all the times we've gathered there over the years. There was plenty of food, drinks, games, and of course, our famous lucky draws. Additionally, this year featured the teams and Rookie of the Year awards. The night was full of laughter and joy. We were all recharged and ready to work and play harder in 2024.

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