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A Close Look at Sertis Benefits and Perks through Sertizens Reviews

There's nothing better than having a workplace that caters to your lifestyle while supporting your personal growth and success in your career path. In an environment filled with passion and complemented by excellent employee benefits, we are excited to take everyone on a journey into the hearts of our beloved Sertizens. As they share their heartfelt experiences and impressions of the benefits and support our company provides to all. We have representatives from various teams to shed light on the positive experiences they've had while working at Sertis, making it a dream workplace for all.

Ice - DA

I have gained valuable knowledge and good working experience at Sertis. I am happy with the benefits and various forms of support that the company and my colleagues provide.

Work Environment & Vibes: Everyone in the team supports each other in terms of work and adapts to the company culture, creating a positive teamwork culture in the workplace.

Activities: Sertis organizes social gatherings for employees on occasions such as special seasons or company anniversaries. This provides a great opportunity for us to engage in conversations, exchange knowledge and opinions with people from other teams, and build a friendly atmosphere. As a result, when there's an opportunity to work together, it becomes much smoother.

Bambam - CD

Working at Sertis provides me with a fantastic work-life balance. The work and responsibilities I have are very challenging, and I get to learn new things all the time, both technically and in terms of business. Working with diverse teams allows me to constantly gain new perspectives. Sometimes, even teams that don't work together get to know each other through company activities like Thursday Treat by CEO, where everyone from various teams comes together to enjoy delicious treats from our CEO.

In terms of team activities or company parties, Sertis also supports employees in learning and developing themselves in other areas apart from work. This includes excellent Fitness Support since it is very close to the office so we can exercise either before or after work. There's also Learning Support, which allows us to learn more than just work-related topics as we can explore hobbies or interests like perfume-making or green tea tasting. You could say that the benefits cover both during and outside of work hours.

Utt - Eng

I feel incredibly fortunate to work at a company that places such a strong emphasis on employee well-being and development. The variety of benefits provided, including anniversary perks and insurance coverage, truly sets our workplace apart. It's not just about the job; it's about feeling valued and supported as an individual. The anniversary perks make each milestone in my career feel special, and the insurance coverage provides a sense of security.

Moreover, the commitment to continuous learning and growth through learning support demonstrates the company's dedication to helping employees reach their full potential. One remarkable aspect of our workplace is its flat organizational structure, where hierarchy takes a back seat to collaboration and open communication. This encourages employees to voice their ideas and concerns freely, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership in our work. This combination of comprehensive benefits and a flat organization makes our workplace a unique and fulfilling place to be a part of.

Pond - SE

I'm impressed with Sertis! Our office is situated in an incredible location, and the work environment strikes a perfect balance between productivity and enjoyment. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a welcoming atmosphere where every team member can thrive, and we continuously seek ways to enhance our collective experience. At Sertis, we are deeply committed to continuous learning and personal growth, making it a place where you can expect a supportive community and a dynamic work environment that's always evolving. Moreover, we organize two major annual events – one to celebrate the New Year and another to mark ‘Sertis Day’, our anniversary – in addition to various enjoyable smaller gatherings throughout the year.

Japan - BD

I really like how the company provides benefits on many fronts. This includes personal development opportunities and support for employees to take courses of their interest, whether they’re related to their work or not. It also extends to internal team relationships, as the company allocates a monthly budget for each team to engage in activities together. These activities typically involve team meals or outings with other teams if desired.

And if you're in the office, there are snacks and drinks for you to grab whenever you want. The company also takes good care of you with benefits like social security, group insurance, provident funds, and more.

Cherry - DS

Our company always organizes company trips and parties. These events provide us with opportunities to hang out and catch up with other teams in our company, allowing us to get to know each other better and improve the way we work together.

Jenn - People Ops

The benefits and perks provided by Sertis make a real difference in our lives. From the flexibility of our hybrid work model that empowers us to balance our personal and professional lives seamlessly, to the generous Fitness Support that promotes our physical well-being, both of these benefits are important to me and enhance my overall quality of life.

Our work environment is a space where creativity flourishes, collaboration thrives and where personal growth is not just encouraged but nurtured. It’s this environment that motivates us to do our best work each day. But what truly sets our company apart is our culture and its Sertizens! We’re more than just coworkers; we’re a community of individuals who are bright, kind, and care for self-development and each other’s development and successes. All this contributes to making this a workplace where I not only thrive professionally but have the opportunity to pursue both career and personal goals.

Ananda - AI

At Sertis, the atmosphere is charged with innovation, and there's a sense of everyone truly owning their projects. Among the many things I appreciate, the brilliance and enthusiasm of my colleagues for research top the list. Yet, with all this energy, Sertis maintains an emphasis on work-life balance. Being here is like experiencing the best blend of passion, talent, and care in a professional setting.

Prang - OPS

A benefit that I absolutely love is getting gold on our work anniversary as a gift. I believe there's nowhere else that offers gold like this, from my experience and asking other friends. Gold is considered a long-term asset that never depreciates.

As for the work environment, Sertis offers flexible working hours, so we can start work as late as 10:30 AM. I really love this because I don't have to wake up early or deal with rush-hour traffic. When it's time to clock out, there's no crazy traffic either. Plus, if I'm not in a hurry to head home, I can hit the gym close to the office, which is a great way to stay healthy and the company also offers some discounts on the fitness monthly fee called Fitness Support.

Nam - Commu

I love my team environment. We collaborate and embark on an exciting journey together. As a team, we engage in open discussions, brainstorming sessions, and effective communication to produce high-quality work. Despite our diverse habits, backgrounds, and working styles, each of my team members brings a unique perspective that enhances our creativity and the effectiveness of our ideas. This environment is a source of energy and optimism that encourages each other to share our thoughts, understand one another, and lend a helping hand, not only with work but also in real-life situations.


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