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Women in Tech Interview - Nok, Sertis' Leading Woman in Data & Technology

March 8th is annually celebrated as International Women's Day, a global recognition of the immense female power driving success across various fields, including politics, society, and notably, technology. In the tech sector, numerous talented women contribute to solutions that make the world a better place

Let's now spotlight another female tech talent, Nok, a Senior Data & Technology Consultant at Sertis, who has been a key player in driving the success of numerous impactful solutions that enhance our clients' businesses.

As a woman in the tech industry, which has traditionally been considered male-dominated, we'll delve into Nok's story to uncover her unique female perspective that has shaped her career, the challenges she has encountered as a woman, and her advice to inspire other women with a shared passion to enter the tech world.

1.Can you describe the unique perspective you bring to your work as a woman in tech, and how it has impacted your career?

“In my opinion, when working in the tech industry, women bring unique perspectives that may lead us to approach problems in a slightly different manner. For example, we often view issues from a more human-centric and empathetic standpoint. When managing a team or addressing a problem, we consider both technical aspects and the human perspective. While we diagnose technical issues, we also strive to understand and address the emotions of the individuals affected by the problem. We aim to balance innovation with empathy. 

This perspective isn't solely about womanhood; it's also influenced by our personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. These factors enable us to handle problems calmly without resorting to aggression. We can address challenges in a calm and stable manner, working towards resolutions that satisfy all parties involved.”

2.What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your career? Have you experienced any barriers related to being a woman in tech? If so, how did you handle them?

“When I was a fresh graduate, I didn't find it particularly challenging. Despite having male colleagues and individuals of other genders, I felt that everyone was treated equally as long as we had the ability and skills to secure our positions.

However, as time passed and I got married, started my own family, and had children, I began to notice the challenges associated with being in a male-dominated industry, including stereotypes and gender biases. I encountered questions about how I managed my work-life balance after getting married and having children, and how I could dedicate myself to work, particularly in the tech industry where, for instance, late-night technological deployments might be required.

It wasn't just a one-time question, nor was it only during interviews. Even during performance evaluations, I was asked the same question. What's more, it wasn't because of any shortcomings in my performance; rather, it seemed to arise from the curiosity of the person asking. 'As a mother, if we were to promote you and give you more team members and responsibilities, how would you manage that?' This scenario often comes to mind when reflecting on the challenges women face in the tech industry, because, in my view, skills and abilities can be equally developed regardless of gender.

I believe it's acceptable to ask this question, but it shouldn't pose a problem. Regardless of gender—male, female, or any other—we must all be treated equally. For instance, just as a mother is responsible for childcare, a father should share the same responsibility. The question shouldn't have been raised solely because of one's gender. This challenge I faced, reflecting the stereotype that all childcare responsibilities fall upon mothers, can be addressed through careful planning and effective time and people management, including managing family and personal commitments. We can overcome these challenges regardless of our gender.”

3.What advice can you give to other women who are considering a career in tech?

“Firstly, I would like to begin with some general advice—take the time to discover what truly interests you, because tech careers span many fields including programming, ERP, data, AI, and networking. Therefore, it's important to identify where your passions lie.

Secondly, once you have identified your interests, believe in yourself and commit to learning what you need to succeed.

Thirdly, I have heard many suggestions encouraging people to unlearn and relearn quickly. However, recently, during a seminar, I came across a quote that resonated deeply with me: ‘Improve the ability to learn.' We should all strive to learn the ability to learn,  because possessing this skill enables us to learn anything infinitely throughout life. 

On the occasion of International Women's Day, I would like to encourage all women to pay it forward. If you are already a successful woman working in tech, what you should do is to offering advice, providing guidance, and building networks to help other women with a shared passion to enter the tech world.

For the advice on how to handle the challenges we face as women in tech that I mentioned earlier, I believe that actions speak louder than words. In my experience, I first explained how I was going to address the challenge and then proved to others that I could deliver on my promises. For instance, if I committed to proper time and people management and demonstrated my ability to do so effectively, I think that over time, I can break down gender barriers and stereotypes.


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