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A Tale of Inspiration from our Business Development Interns

I had a truly enriching and rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the support and guidance I received from my team leaders and colleagues.

I was immediately impressed by the positive work culture at Sertis. I was warmly welcomed by a team of professionals who genuinely care about nurturing talent and fostering a supportive environment. The positive work culture at Sertis played a significant role in making me feel included and valued as an intern.

Throughout my internship, I was exposed to a diverse range of projects and challenges within the Business Development team. The hands-on experience and mentorship I received from my team leaders were invaluable in developing my skills and understanding of real-world business practices.

What sets Sertis apart is the company's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Being part of a team that actively explores emerging trends, such as generative AI, opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of AI applications across various industries. Sertis's dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the tech industry is truly inspiring, and it has ignited my passion for pursuing a career in the tech industry.

I am also grateful for the friendly and collaborative atmosphere at Sertis. I felt like I was part of a team, and I always felt comfortable asking for help or advice. I am confident that the skills and relationships that I developed during my internship will be invaluable in my future career.

Thank you again for this incredible internship experience and I am excited to see how my feedback may contribute to future interns' understanding of life at Sertis.



Having the chance to work at Sertis has exposed me to a variety of business fields, such as retail, finance, etc. While collaborating on team projects, I also had the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams, such as UX/UI, on various projects related to business growth. This experience deepened my understanding of how we can integrate AI solutions into different business platforms and their functionalities. Throughout the internship, I developed essential skills in communication, presentation, market analysis, and research. Managing my own projects provided valuable real-life experiences, including creating external decks for actual clients.

Apart from work, Sertis offers a wide range of fun activities for interns to participate in. The people at Sertis are friendly and enjoyable to work with and engage with. Especially members of the Business Development team are open to all intern ideas and opinions. I can confidently say that interning here provides a fantastic experience, and you won't regret applying.



I am having a great time at Sertis! Here are some reasons which make Sertis an exceptional place for an internship:

- Ability to learn about a lot of different industries in a short period of time which is quite fun and a great learning experience for someone who is not that familiar with the business world.

- I got to see the real impact of some of my work. For instance, I worked on slides and calculations for a workshop which we gained strong interest from a potential new client.

- The team leaders give constructive feedback allowing me to make mistakes and improve in a friendly environment.



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