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Sertis Company Trip and Sports Day 2022

Our Sertis Company Trip and Sports Day 2022 has been successfully held on November 19-20. This year, we brought the fun to Cha-am beach, Phetchaburi, with plenty of activities from morning till night. This trip was an opportunity to reunite Sertizens and strengthen our relationship with a blast.

We started the trip at Swiss Sheep Farm to feed the little sheep, and take a snap in the middle of the meadow, which was just a warm-up before getting ready to have more fun at the Sports Day activity on the beach. The games were filled with laughter and cheers for the competitors who put in their best. Then, we had so much fun at the party thrown with a Seaside Paradise theme with a costume competition where each team and individual dressed up and went all out. We also had many activities, including games to win prizes and a photo booth where we took photos and captured the moment to remember. Then, in the morning of the second day, we joined together in CSR activity to release fish at the beach which was the perfect way to end our Company Trip 2022.

At Sertis, we take the motto "Work hard, Play harder". When we work, we work hard, and when we play, we have the most fun. It is because we believe that life needs a balance between work and life, and fun activities will spark creativity and will help recharge our Sertizens to be ready for challenges. Let’s check out some snapshots here.


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