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Sertis CSR Activity at the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park

Another important activity in our Company Trip 2022 is a CSR activity in which we release Asian seabass back to the sea at the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, Phetchaburi. The seabass have been nursed in the mangrove swamp before they are ready to get back to nature again. The activity is to encourage the conservation of aquatic animals, increase biodiversity and foster ecological balance.

A healthy environment is the foundation of everything on this planet. We only achieve our well-being and flourish our innovations in a healthy environment. Every development starts from the foundation of having a sustainable environment, clean water, fresh air, and ecosystem diversity. Only this allows human beings to develop to the fullest. Sertis, as a technology solution provider company, would like to take part in promoting the most important foundation of all, the environment. With this CSR activity, we aim to foster our well-being, make ourselves stronger and ready to be innovative, and develop new technologies that create a better world for all. Let's check out the photos from our heartwarming activity.


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